Third public release of XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition is freely available for testing

July 4, 2023

Submitted by Hussein SHAFIE, XMLmind Software.

Third public release of XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition, version 1.0.0-beta3, is freely available for testing.


  • Clicking inside the image representing the view of an image element now adds resize handles around this image. Dragging a resize handle lets you interactively resize the image element (Docbook example: <imagedata>) without having to manually change any of its attributes (DocBook example: @contentwidth, @contentdepth).

    The aspect ratio of an image element resized this way is automatically preserved. Drag a resize handle while pressing the Ctrl key (Cmd key on the Mac) if you do not wish to preserve its aspect ratio (i.e. if you want to distort the image).

  • Added an Options submenu to the menu of the sample XML editor application. For now, this submenu only contains a single checkbox: Autosave. This check box lets the user turn the autosave feature on and off at will. This checkbox is disabled (grayed) unless the autosave feature has been specified and configured using attribute @autosave.
  • Shift-clicking on an element name displayed by the node path bar now selects all the child nodes of this element. This is a handy alternative to using keyboard shortcut Escape ArrowDown.
  • xxeserver embeds Jetty in order to implement an HTTP and WebSocket server. Upgraded Jetty to version 11.0.15.
  • xxeserver based on XMLmind XML Editor v10.4.2 (not publicly released).

Bug fixes:

  • When testing newest Safari against XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition, its “peculiar” Web Socket client caused xxeserver to raise a org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException and from time to time —randomly— this completely blocked xxeserver.

What is XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition?

XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition (XXEW for short) is a 100% JavaScript, lightweight, streamlined, implementation of XMLmind XML Editor running in the web browser, thus not requiring any installation on the user side.

Released version 1.0.0-beta3, which is feature complete, is freely available for testing. XXEW will become a commercial product at the end of the beta test period.


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