XML.com is dedicated to supporting the efforts of professionals working on apps where XML is a key technology, to the businesses which supply those professionals with tools and expertise, and to being a modern, profitable, Web-publishing enterprise.

We expect to generate revenue by advertising, and while this will probably include display advertising, we anticipate that site sponsorship from vendors of XML-related products and services will be a better basis for a sustainable business.

We are seeking articles from authors who have experience, advice, and expertise to share with our audience. We intend to pay authors once there is an XML.com revenue stream to share. We are also seeking news items where the news is of interest to readers of XML.com; go to https://www.xml.com/news/submit-news-item/ to submit one of these. News items are published as received, and may contain relevant commercial content.

Our focus is on applications such as healthcare informatics and high-end publishing where XML tools and technologies are delivering real value to people facing hard problems.

We're looking for stories with XML in them, that have integrity, and that are about real-world problem and their solutions. We have guiding themes:

  • We want to hear about hard problems that don't have by-the-book solutions; about the people facing them, the reason they're important, and smart people's best bets on solutions.
  • We like success stories. This is hard stuff and people who who've built working solutions have earned the right to bask in a little acclaim and the responsibility to share wisdom with others; there's plenty of work to go around.
  • We want arguments! There has never been a technology that hasn't inspired vigorous debate about whether and how to use it. It's reasonable to disagree, and in domains where serious money is involved, it's reasonable to worry about the players' motives. XML.com will not shy away from the tough issues.

How technical should an XML.com article be? As much as it needs to; angle-brackets, source code, schemas; go nuts! But hold on; don't, unless it matters; we're only interested if there's a direct line between the technology and a problem, a success, or an argument. (Exception; we also need backgrounders on core technologies that matter.)

We absolutely intend to pay authors, probably as a proportion of gross site revenue related to their readership. But it'll take a while for that to add up to much. In the interim, we're happy to forgive authors some self-promotion. Want to talk up your consulting practice or your software product or your current project? Go ahead; as long as the article has integrity, contains useful information, and tells a good story.

If you have a story for us, drop us an email: xml@textuality.com