FHIR Release 3 Posted

Some of the key changes: 

  •  Added support for Clinical Decision Support and Clinical Quality Measures ...

22 March 2017 Read

Liquid XML 2017 Release

Liquid Technologies have announced the availability of Liquid XML 2017 product suite, providing many new ...

15 February 2017 Read

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What is XSpec?

Sandro Cirulli
An introduction to XSpec, a useful unit testing framework for XSLT and XQuery.

15 March 2017 Read

XML Prague, February 2017

Liam Quin
XML Prague: A practical conference, a meeting of minds, a growing community, a conference about XML in a beautiful and ...

10 March 2017 Read

Simplifying XML

Uche Ogbuji
There is a great deal of complexity to the XML technology stack which has not proven necessary considering the profile ...

8 March 2017 Read

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