eXist-db 4.3.0 Released

July 6, 2018

Submitted by Lars Windauer.

eXist-db v4.3.0 has just been released. This is a feature release, which contains several new features and bug fixes. We recommend that all users of eXist 4.x.x should upgrade to eXist 4.3.0.


  • Upgraded to Apache Xerces 2.12.0. eXist-db now includes XML Schema 1.1 support.
  • Improved the Remote XML:DB API "networking error"; messages to be more descriptive.
  • Test errors are now summarised in XQSuite XML output.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in-memory documents used in XQuery Update insert expressions caused an NPE (NullPointerException).
  • Fixed an issue where XQuery Error Codes were not correctly reported under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with restoring binary files of zero bytes via the XML-RPC and XML:DB Remote API.
  • Fixed a signing issue with running eXist-db from the installer under Java 10.
  • Fixed an issue when constructing in-memory documents with namespaces via SAX parsers.
  • Fixed an issue with namespaces when parsing external documents to in-memory documents.
  • Fixed an issue with namespaces when merging in-memory documents.
  • Fixed a NPE when calling map:get for a non-existent key/value map pair.
  • Fixed a NPE in fn:data.
  • Fixes a NPE when converting empty sequences.

Backwards Compatibility

  • eXist-db v4.3.0 is backwards binary-compatible as far as eXist-db v3.0, but not with earlier versions. Users who are upgrading should always consult the Upgrading Guide in the documentation. 
  • NOTE: The version of Dashboard that was installed with eXist-db 3.6.1 (or earlier) is incompatible with eXist-db 4.0.0 and newer. If you plan to migrate your entire database to eXist-db 4.3.0, you MUST take one of the following steps to allow Dashboard to work after the upgrade:

  1. If you have not yet installed eXist-db 4.3.0, open Dashboard > Package Manager, and upgrade Dashboard to <code>0.4.10</code>, or run this script in eXide or the Java Admin Client: repo:install-and-deploy("http://exist-db.org/apps/dashboard", "http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo/modules/find.xql"). Then you may safely install eXist-db 4.3.0 and use Dashboard.
  2. If you install eXist-db 4.3.0 before upgrading Dashboard, run this script in eXide or the Java Admin Client: repo:install-and-deploy("http://exist-db.org/apps/dashboard", "http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo/modules/find.xql"). Then you may use Dashboard.

Downloading This Version

  • eXist-db v4.3.0 is available for download from Bintray[0].
  • Docker images are available from EvolvedBinary's DockerHub[1].
  • Maven artifacts are available from our mvn-repo[2]
  • Mac users of the Homebrew package repository may acquire eXist 4.3.0 directly from there.

[0]: https://bintray.com/existdb/releases/exist/4.3.0 

[1]: https://hub.docker.com/r/evolvedbinary/exist-db/tags/

[2]: https://github.com/eXist-db/mvn-repo

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