eXist-db 4.0.0 Released

February 14, 2018

Submitted by Adam Retter.

eXist-db v4.0.0 has just been released. This is a major release, which contains API changes, several new features, and bug fixes. 


  • Added fn:unparsed-text, fn:unparsed-text-lines and fn:unparsed-text-available functions. 
  • Implemented HTML ASCII Case Insensitive Collation for XPath 3.1. 
  • Replaced ASCIIFoldingFilter with ICUFoldingFilter in NoDiacriticsAnalyzer for better language search support.
  • New User Manager application shipped for the Dashboard. 
  • Updated Cache Extension Module: Now implements an LRU policy with both TTL and size options. 
  •  New functions: cache:names(), cache:keys($name), and cache:destroy($name)
  • Scheduled task option unschedule-on-exception is now exposed in conf.xml
  • Each thread that eXist creates is now explicitly named for easier identification. 
  • Bash Scripts now use /bin/env to locate bash. 
  • Updated third-party dependencies: 
  •  Apache Commons Configuration 2 2.2 
  •  Apache Commons IO 2.6 
  •  Caffeine 2.6.1 
  •  EasyMock 3.5.1 
  •  Eclipse AspectJ 1.9.0.RC2 
  •  Eclipse Jetty 9.4.8.v20171121 
  •  IBM ICU4j 60.2 
  •  Jackson 2.9.3 
  •  Java 8 Functional Utilities 1.12 
  •  Log4J 2.10.0 
  •  XMLUnit 2.5.1 
  •  YAJSW 12.11 

 Performance Improvements 

Cache Extension Module rewritten to use Caffeine. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Corrected concurrent access to Document Metadata, previously incorrect due to lazy-loading and incorrect locking. 
  • DocumentSets now always unlock all locks that they acquired. 
  • Fixed a number of issues with xs:base64Binary and xs:hexBinary returned from XQuery execution in various API's. 
  • Fixed a regression with XQuery Update insert into an empty element. 
  • Fixed a bug in the EXPath HTTP Client with connection pooling. 
  • Fixed a bad thread synchronization in JMX. 
  • Corrected invalid type empty() to empty-sequence()
  • Fixed overzealous locking in XML:DB Local API copy operations. 
  • Fix to Namespace handling on in-memory DOM nodes. 
  • Fixed a NullPointerException in fn:id
  • Fixed comparison issue with empty sequences. 
  • Fixed broker leak in Image Extension Module. 
  • Math Extension Module functions now correctly report their namespace prefix. 
  • Improved function signatures types: 
  •  map to map(*) 
  •  array to array(*) 
  •  function to function(*) 
  • Fixed the XQuery Error Codes of several atomic value comparison operators. 
  • Improved warning and error messages during EXPath Package deployment. 
  • Many file path related fixes for building and running on Microsoft Windows platforms. 
  • Removed last Java Endorsed Library paths to support Java 9. 
  • Updated the Java AppBundler (which is used for staring eXist), to provide better Java 9 support. 
  • Build labels are now correctly calculated when building from an installed (not-git) product. 
  • IntelliJ IDEA project files now support correct ApectJ tools. 


The bundled applications of the Documentation, eXide, and Monex have all been updated to the latest versions. A new UserManager application is also shipped, which replaces the previous in-built UserManager of the Dashboard. 

 API Changes 

  • Legacy XQuery draft syntax empty() has been removed. You should now use the spec. compliant syntax empty-sequence()
  • The previously numeric type was renamed to xs:numeric. numeric is now marked as legacy. 
  • The legacy Atom module (org.exist.atom) has been removed. 
  • Sending an invalid XQuery to the RESTServer now correctly returns HTTP 400 Bad Request, instead of HTTP 202 Accepted. 
  • XMLDB API interfaces have been renamed to be more consistent (e.g. EXistXQueryService
  • Locks are now re-acquired by a Transaction rather than ownership transferred. 

 Backwards Compatibility

eXist-db v4.0.0 is backwards binary-compatible as far as v3.0, but not with earlier versions. Users who are upgrading should always consult the Upgrading Guide in the documentation. 

 NOTE: The version of Dashboard that was installed with eXist-db 3.6.1 (or earlier) is incompatible with eXist-db 4.0.0. If you plan to migrate your entire database to eXist-db 4.0.0, you MUST take one of the following steps to allow Dashboard to work after the upgrade: 

1. If you have not yet installed eXist-db 4.0.0, open Dashboard > Package Manager, and upgrade Dashboard to `0.4.10`, or run this script in eXide or the Java Admin Client: 

 xquery repo:install-and-deploy("http://exist-db.org/apps/dashboard", "http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo/modules/find.xql")

 Then you may safely install eXist-db 4.0.0 and use Dashboard. 

 2. If you install eXist-db 4.0.0 before upgrading Dashboard, run this script in eXide or the Java Admin Client: 

 xquery repo:install-and-deploy("http://exist-db.org/apps/dashboard", "http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo/modules/find.xql")

 Then you may use Dashboard. 

 Downloading This Version 

  • eXist-db v4.0.0 is available for download from Bintray
  • Docker images for are available from EvolvedBinary's DockerHub
  • Maven artifacts are available from our mvn-repo
  • Mac users of the Homebrew package repository may acquire eXist 4.0.0 directly from there.

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