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BaseX 9.4: The Summer Edition

We are glad to give you Version 9.4 of BaseX, our XML framework, database system and XQuery 3.1 processor: https://basex.org.

We have focused on rewriting and optimizing complex XQuery code and speeding up your RESTXQ apps:



- DBA: …

July 14, 2020 Read

eXist-db 4.3.0 Released

eXist-db v4.3.0 has just been released. This is a feature release, which contains several new features and bug fixes. We recommend that all users of eXist 4.x.x should upgrade to eXist 4.3.0.


  • Upgraded to Apache Xerces 2.12.0. eXist-db now …

July 6, 2018 Read

BaseX 9.0. The Spring Edition.

We are very happy to announce the release of BaseX 9.0. 

The new version of our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor includes some great new features and a vast number of minor improvements and optimizations. It’s both the …

March 24, 2018 Read

BaseX 8.6: The Winter Edition

BaseX 8.6 is out! The new version of our XML database system and XQuery 3.1 processor includes countless improvements and optimizations. Many of them have been triggered by your valuable feedback, many others are the result of BaseX used in …

January 24, 2017 Read

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