Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.4.1

September 25, 2020

Submitted by Hussein SHAFIE, XMLmind Software.

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.4.1


  • Any configuration (DITA, DocBook, XHTML, etc): added a handy "Change case" toolbar button to the "Convert Text" frame. The corresponding command already existed but using it required remembering the following keyboard shortcuts: Esc l to change to lowercase, Esc u to change to uppercase, Esc c to capitalize the first letter of each word.

    Moreover, the underlying convertCase command is now effective when several nodes are explicitly selected. The previous version was limited to a node selection containing a single node.

  • Added a "Highlight all" option to the Search tool.
  • New "JSON document format" add-on, installed by default. This add-on lets you use XMLmind XML Editor to edit a JSON file as if it were an XML file. This add-on serves as a complement to the "Edit source" add-on, also installed by default.

    Why bother editing a JSON file as if it were an XML file? In a nutshell, because it's easier and safer than with text editors. XMLmind XML Editor won't let you create a malformed or inconsistent JSON file. Moreover the styled view of a JSON document in XXE is designed to be easy to read.

    However, if you don't like this feature, simply open the Options|Preferences dialog box, select the "Add-on|JSON format" section and check "Edit JSON as Text".

  • Updated the icons and request URIs of the web services used by default by the Web Search menu items.
  • "FlatLaf Look and Feel" add-on: updated FlatLaf to version 0.41.
  • Upgraded the XMLmind XSL-FO Converter (XFC for short) plug-in to version 6.3.
  • Upgraded the "Word To XML" add-on to XMLmind Word To XML version 1.8.2 which may be used to convert DOCX to DocBook 5.1 assembly.

Bug fixes:

  • macOS only: the contextual menu of the embedded media player (styled view of XHTML 5, DITA and DocBook 5.1 documents) and the contextual menu of the embedded web browser representing an iframe element (styled view of XHTML 5) did not always automatically hide themselves after a menu entry was clicked upon.

    There are still problems with the contextual menu of the embedded media player on macOS though, as the Rewind, Forward and Back menu entries work erratically on this platform.

  • Linux, HiDPI screen: text size was too large in files created by File|Print.

Possible incompatibilities:

  • XMLmind XML Editor now checks for updates and download its add-ons using "http://www.xmlmind.com/" URLs. In previous versions, it used "https://www.xmlmind.com/" URLs to do that.

    Two reasons for this change: 1) these public service URLs are faster to access using HTTP and do not really need encryption; 2) the HTTPS implementation of server www.xmlmind.com currently seems to report false, random, "400 Bad Request" errors.

  • Changed the default foreground color of some CSS-generated form controls (text-field, text-area, spinner, etc). This change was needed to support Java™ Look&Feels having a dark theme (e.g. "FlatDark"). More information here.

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