Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.5.1

August 31, 2018

Submitted by Hussein Shafie, XMLmind Software.


  • A new —very low-level— parameter -p edit.ids.automatic-ids regex_pattern lets the user specify which bookmarks automatically generated by MS-Word ("_GoBack", "_Toc123", etc) are to be preserved by the conversion process, and this, even when such bookmarks are not referenced anywhere in the generated document.
  • Slightly improved the way DOCX metadata (e.g. author, publisher, etc) are translated to DITA.
  • A warning is now reported when processing a DOCX index entry marking a page range (e.g. XE "XML" \r "OpenXMLPageRange"). This kind of index entries is currently not supported by XMLmind Word To XML. Only simple index entries marking a single location in the DOCX document are currently supported.
  • Upgraded XMLmind Web Help Compiler (whc for short) to version 2.1.3_01.

Bug fixes:

  • Setting the paragraph indentation of stock MS-Word style "List Paragraph" to a number of Character Units (ch) caused XMLmind Word To XML to generate incorrect lists. Note that we are not 100% sure that this bug is really fixed now. Unfortunately, the behavior of MS-Word when it comes to processing w:ind/@w:xxxChars attributes is not completely documented in the  "ECMA-376, Office Open XML File Formats" specification.
  • Defining a custom style named "Normal +" caused XMLmind Word To XML to enter an endless loop.
  • XMLmind Word To XML always created DITA fn (footnote) elements having an id attribute. The bug is that these fn elements were never referenced by an <xref type="fn"> (footnote call). The consequence was that these footnotes were automatically discarded when converting to HTML, PDF, DOCX, etc, the DITA files created by w2x.

More information in http://www.xmlmind.com/w2x/changes.html.

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