Andrzej Zydron

Andrzej Zydroń was born in England. Educated in France he started working in IT in 1976. His experience has covered all aspects of computing, including all aspects of Software Engineering, SGML, XML, encoding methodologies, document imaging, ICR, bayesian probability and computational linguistics.

His career in IT spans 28 years and includes the design and delivery of major IT projects for Xerox, Ford and Oxford University Press as well as the technical architecture of the LISA OSCAR xml:tm and GMX-V standards.

Andrzej Zydroń is CTO of XML-INTL and a Member of the British Computer Society. He sits on the OASIS technical committees for Translation Web Services, XLIFF, DITA Translation as well as the LISA OSCAR SRX, TMX, xml:tm and TBX technical committees. He also sits as an invited expert on the W3C ITS (Internationalization Tag Set) technical committee.

Articles by this author

Translating XML Documents with xml:tm

In order to reduce translation costs in an environment where documentation can change frequently the best answer is the use of translation memory, which works by aligning previously translated text in a target language with the source language. This article describes an improvment, known as "text memory", which allows translation and source text to reside in the same XML document.