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Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.4

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.4


  • Any configuration (DITA, DocBook, XHTML, etc):
    • New "Set ID" toolbar button. This button displays a menu having 3 entries: "Set ID", "Unset ID" and all new " …

July 28, 2020 Read

Declarative Amsterdam 2020 Announcements

On 8 and 9 October 2020, the second Declarative Amsterdam conference will take place at CWI (Science Park, Amsterdam).

The conference focuses on the technologies and methods used for declarative programming and declarative data. Declarative programming is a style of …

June 24, 2020 Read

Oxygen XML Editor version 22.1 is released

Syncro Soft, the developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, is proud to announce the immediate availability of version 22.1 of its industry-leading XML editing suite of products, Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and …

May 22, 2020 Read

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.3


  • Any configuration (DITA, DocBook, XHTML, etc): the node path bar can now be configured to display the value of any attribute you want. XHTML example: html > body > pre#example.fancy.line-numbers > code. Character "#" is used …

April 8, 2020 Read

"Balisage: The Markup Conference" goes Hybrid

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing information.

Topics discussed on the 2019 program include: languages for markup and text processing, data longevity, data interchange, sustainability, …

March 27, 2020 Read

eXist-db 5.2.0 Released

We are very happy to announce that eXist-db 5.2.0 has been released.

5.2.0 is a minor release, and as such should be 100% API compatible with 5.0.0. Whilst this is a fairly conservative release, it fixes two critical issues:

  1. We …

January 23, 2020 Read

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.2

Release of XMLmind XML Editor v9.2


  • When converting DITA, DocBook or an Ebook to any (X)HTML based format (EPUB, Web Help, etc), the generated HTML pages looks much better than before. Moreover the generated Web Help is now “responsive” …

January 16, 2020 Read

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