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eXist-db 5.0.0 Released

We are very happy to announce that eXist-db 5.0.0 has finally been released.

eXist-db 5.0.0 builds atop the previous 8 RCs (Release Candidates) in the eXist-db 5.x.x line and incorporates several bug fixes beyond ...

September 3, 2019 Read

eXist-db 5.0.0-RC8: The Balisage Edition


The eighth Release Candidate (RC) for eXist-db 5.0.0 has been released.

eXist-db 5.0.0-RC8 builds atop eXist-db 5.0.0-RC7 with several new features and important bug fixes.

NOTE: This is likely the last Release Candidate before ...

August 1, 2019 Read

Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.7


  • Command-line utility w2x and desktop application w2x-app now support plugins.

    A plugin is simply a text file having a ".w2x_plugin" suffix, containing a number of w2x command-line arguments and starting with comment lines containing information about the ...

April 2, 2019 Read

XML Resolver 1.0.0 released

Resolvers of various sorts are common in many Java base XML APIs. XML Parsers, for example, defer to entity resolvers to load system identifiers, and XSLT processors and XML Schema validators may defer to module resolvers to locate stylesheets and ...

March 4, 2019 Read

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