Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.10

June 20, 2023

Submitted by Hussein SHAFIE, XMLmind Software.

Release of XMLmind Word To XML v1.10


  • Upgraded XMLmind Web Help Compiler (whc for short) to version 3.5.0, which supports the new corporate layout in addition to the classic and simple layouts.
  • Upgraded XMLResolver to version 5.2.0.
  • "FlatLaf Look and Feel" add-on: updated FlatLaf to version 3.1.1. (On Linux, the FlatLaf light theme is used as the default Look & Feel of desktop application w2x-app.)
  • XMLmind Word To XML, which passed all non-regression tests, is now officially supported on the Java™ 20 platform.

Bug fixes:

  • XMLmind Word To XML did not support pictures cropped using MS-Word Crop tool. This bug is fixed now but with some limitations: linked (i.e. not embedded in the DOCX file) images cannot be cropped by w2x; SVG images or images automatically converted to SVG (e.g. WMF images) cannot be cropped by w2x.

    Outcropped pictures”, that is, adding a margin around a picture using MS-Word Crop tool, are supported too.

  • Standard or custom headings having an outline level > 6 were not correctly processed. For example, when these headings were numbered, they were converted to (semantic XHTML) a numbered list containing a single item.
  • Standard or custom headings having an outline level equal to 9, which means: no outline level, were not correctly processed. For example, a TOCHeading containing "Table of Contents", followed by the table of contents automatically generated by MS-Word, followed by a Heading1 containing "Introduction" were converted to (semantic XHTML) "<section><h1>Table of Contents</h1><p>Introduction</p>...". This quite common sequence of paragraphs is now converted to "<p>Table of Contents</p><section><h1>Introduction</h1>...".
  • A DOCX file ending with a bibliography and containing footnotes or/and endnotes cause w2x to generate invalid DocBook and DITA files.
  • The case where the paragraph containing a picture is given a Caption style, a not so uncommon MS-Word user mistake, was not gracefully handled.

More information in https://www.xmlmind.com/w2x/changes.html.

What is XMLmind Word To XML?

XMLmind Word To XML can automatically convert DOCX files to:

  • Clean, styled, valid HTML (single page or multi-page HTML, Web Help, EPUB) looking very much like the source DOCX file.
  • Unstyled, but structured and valid, DITA bookmap, map, topic, DocBook (including V5.1 assembly), XHTML (single page or multi-page HTML, Web Help, EPUB) or XML conforming to your custom schema.

Home Page: https://www.xmlmind.com/w2x/

Download: https://www.xmlmind.com/w2x/download.shtml

Free online DOCX conversion services: https://www.xmlmind.com/w2x/online_w2x.html


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