"Balisage: The Markup Conference" goes Hybrid

March 27, 2020

Submitted by B. Tommie Usdin.

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing information.

Topics discussed on the 2019 program include: languages for markup and text processing, data longevity, data interchange, sustainability, parsing in XSLT and XQuery, validation, metaschemas, markup vocabularies, digital editions, tokenization of XML, theory of parsing, encoding practices,  XForms, SGML, textual analysis, standoff markup, XQuery and XSLT, eXist-db, data conversion, CSS, YAML,  XML user interfaces, testability, and XML everywhere.

Balisage 2020 plans to combine a live event in Rockville, MD, USA with virtual participation available for both speakers and attendees. (And, should the in-person portion of the event be impossible or unadvised, Balisage 2020 will be totally on-line.) Details coming soon (see: https://www.balisage.net/HybridBalisage.html).

For now:

  • Save the dates — it takes just as long to attend a conference in front of a computer screen as in a conference room
  • Write and submit papers — peer review and paper selection is unchanged, paper proposals are due 3 April 2020
  • Presentation mechanics will change — the highly focused technical nature of Balisage will not change
  • Papers will be published in the Balisage Series on Markup Technologies

About Balisage: https://www.balisage.net/index.html

Call for Participation: https://www.balisage.net/Call4Participation.html

Pre-conference symposium on The Role of XML in Publishing Accessible Documents:


Symposium Call for Participation: https://www.balisage.net/Accessibility/CFP.html

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