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February 13, 2019

Submitted by Andreas Jung.

print-css.rocks portal relaunched - PrintCSS explained

The print-css.rocks project is pleased to announce the relaunch of the print-css.rocks project website.

The goal of the print-css.rocks project is to cover information about PrintCSS, their tools and how to use PrintCSS.

"PrintCSS" describes an approach to generate high-quality PDF documents with HTML or XML as input source and CSS (cascading style sheets) for layout and design. The "PrintCSS" approach is standardized by the W3C under the name "CSS Paged Media".

The print-css.rocks project includes about 50 mini lessons that cover different aspects like pagination, page areas, counter etc. Each lesson has a minimal input document and a minimal style sheet and shows how the same code renders with different tools (PrinceXML, PDFreactor and Antennahouse).

Besides the relaunch of the project website, we added a public discussion form for the PrintCSS community.

The print-css.rocks project is an independent, vendor-neutral project. It is sponsored and maintained by its funder Andreas Jung (ZOPYX).

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