Philippe Marguinaud

Philippe Marguinaud has worked in the field of scientific computing for 25 years. He has addressed topics such satellite remote sensing, radiative transfer and numerical weather prediction.

His fields of interest are web servers, accelerated graphics for displaying geophysical data, and high performance computing. He currently works for the French Weather services in Toulouse, maintaining and porting to new architectures the software used for weather prediction in different European countries.

Articles by this author

Parsing and refactoring FORTRAN code with XML

In this article, Philippe Marguinaud explains how XML can be used to parse a language such as FORTRAN. The first big advantage over other existing approaches is that XML can represent both structure and hand-written content. The other benefit is that all power tools coming from the XML realm become instantly available for searching and editing the syntax tree. Eventually, the article shows how a FORTRAN syntax tree can be loaded in Firefox, using an XSL stylesheet.

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