Eric van der Vlist

Eric van der Vlist is a web developer and an ODP editor. He is also publisher and editor of XMLfr, which he founded to promote the XML technologies amongst the French language community.

Articles by this author

XML Europe 2004: Refactoring XML

The recent XML Europe 2004 conference showed that it's time to use the experience gained in the last 6 years to optimize the use of XML. Eric van der Vlist reports on sessions from the show.

XML 2003 Conference Diary

Eric van der Vlist, author of O'Reilly's books on RELAX NG and W3C XML Schema, shares his personal view of the recent XML 2003 Conference.

DSDL Interoperability Framework

DSDL, Document Schema Definition Languages, is a standard being developed by the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Working Group 1 to meet the validation needs of document-oriented XML applications. The DSDL Interoperability Framework is the glue that will co-ordinate the various parts of DSDL.

XP and XML

Eric van der Vlist argues that the two worlds of XML and Extreme Programming have a lot to learn from each other, and that both could benefit from closer integration.

Reports from XML 2002

Eric van der Vlist describes highlights of the XML 2002 conference held in Baltimore, including Microsoft Office 11, OpenOffice, ISO DSDL, schema language techniques and literate programming in XML.

Can XML Be The Same After W3C XML Schema?

After writing a book on W3C XML Schema for O'Reilly, author and consultant Eric van der Vlist reflects on how significantly XML processing will be changed by the W3C XML Schema technology.

Relax NG, Compared

A feature-by-feature explanation of the RELAX NG XML schema language, with reference to the features provided by the W3C's XML Schema Definition Language.

Comparing XML Schema Languages

DTDs, W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG: what's the difference? And which is the best tool for the job? Find out in our survey of XML schema languages.

Building a Semantic Web Site

By simple use of XML vocabularies like XMLNews and RSS, Eric van der Vlist shows how you can build dynamic indexes to web site content.

Using W3C XML Schema - Part 2

The second half of our comprehensive introduction to the W3C's XML Schema Definition Language, including coverage of namespaces, object-oriented features and instance documents.

XML 2000 Focuses on Schemas

Reports from the first afternoon of the "XML Leading Edge" track from XML 2000, which was dedicated to the W3C XML Schema Definition Language.

Using W3C XML Schema

A comprehensive introduction to XML Schema, a W3C XML language for describing and constraining the content of XML documents. Includes quick reference tables.

W3C XML Schema Structures Reference

A complete quick reference to the elements of the W3C XML Schemas Structures specification, including content models and links to the original definitions.

XML Linking Technologies

XML's flexibility provides many ways of approaching the problem of creating links between nodes. Using practical examples, this article surveys linking in XML from containment through to RDF and XLink.

Processing Inclusions with XSLT

Processing document inclusions with general XML tools can be problematic. This article proposes a way of preserving inclusion information through SAX-based processing.

Style-free XSLT Style Sheets

Building web sites with XSLT sometimes raises architectural issues. This article presents a pattern for maintaining a clear separation between style, logic, and content in XSLT-produced websites.