Kyle Downey

Kyle Downey is a part-time Java/XML consultant and founder of Amber Archer Consulting, a New York City-area J2EE consultancy. He currently works for HBO, a division of AOL/TimeWarner, as a J2EE project leader in their IT department. He lives in Forest Hills, Queens, NY with his wife and far too many cats.

Articles by this author

Television Listings and XMLTV

On a quest to build a DIY personal video recorder, Kyle Downey gets to grips with XMLTV, a toolkit for screen-scraping TV listings data into XML.

XML Source Highlighting

When writing documents in XHTML, getting XML examples and other source code neatly is vital for a well-presented document. Kyle Downey presents a tool for doing just that.

Designing a New Schema with XML Design Patterns

Following on from our articles on XML schema design patterns, this article applies these patterns to the design of a new schema, leveraging existing XML languages such as XHTML and RDF along the way.

Architectural Design Patterns for XML Documents

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. One way programmers try to reuse good ideas about object design is to look to catalogs of design patterns. In this article, Kyle Downey presents some patterns for designing XML document formats.