Tyler Cruickshank

Tyler Cruickshank is a physical scientist with degrees in geology and meteorology. Tyler "Perls" his way through air quality modeling projects for the State of Utah in Salt Lake City. Tyler is also active in the avalanche and mountain meteorology community. He has developed web based applications for the display of real-time avalanche and mountain meteorology data for use by both professional avalanche forecasters and the public. Tyler is also an instructor of mountain meteorology for the American Avalanche Institute in WIlson, Wyoming.

Articles by this author

An SVG Case Study: Integrated, Dynamic Avalanche Forecasting

Avid backcountry skiers Chris Cochella and Tyler Cruickshank were frustrated by the irregular and distributed nature of avalanche danger information on the web, so they used Perl, MySQL and SVG to draw together an integrated avalanche forecasting tool.