Per Bothner

In 1996 Per Bothner started the GCJ (GNU compiler for the Java platform) project, which is the most active open-source Java implementation project. He also implemented the Kawa framework for compiling high-level languages (including Scheme, Emacs Lisp, and XQuery) to Java bytecodes.

Articles by this author

An XQuery Update

A report on the changes made to the W3C's XML Query Language in the recent August 2003 XQuery drafts.

Writing and Debugging XQuery Web Apps with Qexo

A tutorial on writing, installing, and debugging a web application written with the W3C XQuery language. The software used includes the open source Qexo XQuery implementation and the Tomcat application server.

Generating XML and HTML using XQuery

Often perceived mainly as a query language, XQuery can actually be used to generate XML and HTML. Per Bothner provides a worked example, and compares XQuery with XSLT.

What Is XQuery

XQuery is a language from the W3C designed to query and format XML data. Our overview article gives you the lowdown on XQuery and further resources for learning more about it.