Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald is principal of Wy'east Communications, a writing and training consultancy specializing in XML. He is the author of Building B2B Applications with XML and XSL Essentials, both published by John Wiley & Sons.

Articles by this author

The Emerging Art of Agile Publishing

Michael Fitzgerald returns us to a core XML mission: publishing. The technical questions are mostly well rehearsed, but what about the process questions? Is your publishing process as agile as it could be? Michael gives us some insights into agile publishing.

Hacking XML

Among author Mike Fitzgerald's favorite hacks in XML Hacks are two that use SP, James Clark's free, open-source SGML-parser package. The first hack shows how to convert a minimally tagged document to well-formed XML. The second shows how to convert a Wiki format to XML via SGML and SP tools.

Creating XML with Genx

GenX is an easy-to-use C library for generating well-formed XML output. Learn how to use it in our introduction.

The Ox Documentation Tool

Ox is a simple documentation tool for people who regularly work at the shell or command-prompt level: a Java program that accepts a keyword or term as input and then returns documentation for that term.

Five XSLT Basics

You've just inherited a new project at work that requires you to learn XSLT, but you don't have a clue where to start. This article by Michael Fitzgerald should give you a leg up over the wall. It covers five basics of XSLT 1.0--from what it is to how to get it to work--information you'll also find in the first chapter of Michael's book, Learning XSLT.

XML Pipelining with Ant

The Ant build tool is a useful framework for XML pipelining--performing a variety of ordered XML processing in one session. Michael Fitzgerald shows how.

Getting Started with XOM

Michael Fitzgerald provides an introduction to the XML Object Model (XOM), a new Java XML API created by noted XML author Elliotte Rusty Harold, and finds it simple and easy to use.

Validation by Instance

What if a single schema type won't suffice, and you need a DTD, RELAX NG, and W3C XML Schema? Michael Fitzgerald explains how to generate all three automatically from a representative XML instance.

RELAX NG's Compact Syntax

The committee developing the RELAX NG XML schema language have released a compact syntax that both shortens and enhances the readability of schemas.