Niel Bornstein

Niel Bornstein is a Senior Architect in Novell Consulting's Linux and Open Source practice. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has spent 14 years working on corporate and commercial client-server, N-tier, and web-hosted applications, in an impressively random assortment of industries. He lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife and son, an array of animals, and a few glowing boxes.

Articles by this author

Hacking iTunes

Niel Bornstein, Mono and C# hacker extraordinaire, returns with a look at Apple's iTunes service and XML vocabulary, connecting iTunes to Google and Amazon.

XML and Database Mapping in .NET

Continuing his look at .NET's XML processing from a Java point of view, Niel Bornstein discovers .NET's facilities for binding XML to databases.

Pull Parsing in C# and Java

Niel Bornstein demonstrates the .NET C# XML "pull parser" from Microsoft, and then ports the program to use on of the several pull parsers available for Java, comparing the two languages.

From JDOM to XmlDocument

In this second part of his "Learning C# XML" series, Niel Bornstein shows how Java-based document processing with JDOM translates into the .NET world with C#.

Learning C# XML

The first in a series providing an introduction to Microsoft's C# XML APIs from the perspective of a Java programmer.