David Orchard

David Orchard is a technical director in BEA Systems' CTO Office, focusing on Web services standards. He is an elected member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group; Web services Architecture, XML Protocol, and Advisory committees. He is currently or has been a co-editor of the Web services Architecture, Web services Usage Scenarios, WS-Coordination, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Addressing, SOAP-Conversation, XML Link, and XInclude specifications. He has written numerous technical articles and is a frequent speaker on various Internet related technologies.

Articles by this author

A Theory of Compatible Versions

Creating XML languages that are compatible and extensible is a difficult problem. This week David Orchard argues for a theory of compatibility in which he describes some of the conditions for creating compatible XML languages.

Versioning XML Vocabularies

A whitepaper presenting best practices for versioning W3C XML Schema based XML vocabularies, describing techniques to achieve more effective loose coupling between systems by increasing the possibility for backwards- and forwards-compatible changes to occur when related systems evolve.

Web Services Pitfalls

The web services vision of automated business sometimes sounds too good to be true. This article puts web services in the context of real business concerns, showing there's some way to go to achieve the vision.