Paul Prescod

Paul Prescod is an independent researcher and programmer of markup technologies. He worked within the XML Interest Group of the World Wide Web consortium to develop the XML family of standards and co-wrote the most popular book on that family of standards: The XML Handbook. Now he runs a sole consultancy specializing in training, consulting and implementation of markup and web services technologies.

Articles by this author

SVG: A Sure Bet

In this article based on his keynote at the SVG Open Conference, Paul Prescod explains why he thinks SVG is set to be as ubiquitous as IP networking.

Google's Gaffe

Paul Prescod explains why moving its API to use SOAP was a backward step for the popular search engine, and argues for a return to a pure HTTP and XML interface.

REST and the Real World

Following on from his "Next Generation Web Services" article, Paul Prescod shows how the REST model for web services meets real world demands such as security, auditing and orchestration.

Second Generation Web Services

If SOAP and friends are the first generation of web services, what will the future look like? Paul Prescod explains how the basics of HTTP, XML and URIs will underlie second generation web services.