Carlisle Adams

Carlisle Adams is Senior Cryptographer and Principal - Standards and Architectural Direction at Entrust. His focus includes the design, analysis, and standardization of symmetric block ciphers and operational protocols for enhanced Internet security. An active member of the Internet Engineering Task Force, he has authored and co-authored several standards-track specifications, particularly in the Public-Key Infrastructure - X.509 (PKIX) Working Group. Recent activities include the integration of security and XML-based technologies, through participation in OASIS technical specifications such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and XML Access Control Markup Language (XACML), and through other work with security policy specification mechanisms and secure Web services. He holds an M.Sc. in Computing and Information Science and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, both in the area of cryptography. Dr. Adams is co-author of "Understanding Public-Key Infrastructure: Concepts, Standards, and Deployment Considerations".

Articles by this author

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