Stilo introduces WebWriter

July 20, 1997

The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems
Vol. 26, No. 19
July, 1997

Stilo WebWriter is the new name for the Stilo HTML editor, which is now an XML editor. The prototype Stilo showed in Barcelona supported the creation of a new element in the Add New Element dialog. The user can specify the element name, type and attributes, and which element it is a child of. By naming repeated elements, the user can build and view an entire DTD. The software will generate an XML document that is well formed, with or without a corresponding DTD. If the DTD window is active when you add the element, it is added only to the DTD; if the focus is in the document editor window, the element is added to the DTD, and an instance of the element is also created in the document.

It has yet to be determined how well the tiny Welsh company can produce and support a product, but it is useful to keep an eye on what it does, if for no other reason than to prod the imagination of those actually pushing software out the door. Unlike previous releases from Stilo, this one comes out first on Windows 95, with the Mac to follow. If the small company can really bring to market a bug-free Windows XML editor, it might find an audience ready to use it.