Stilo adapts quickly to XML

December 20, 1996

The Seybold Report on Publishing Systems
Vol. X, No. Y
December, 1996

Stilo showed a quick and powerful adoption of the new XML standard on the development edition of its Stilo editor, which we covered extensively at SGML Europe in May (see Vol. 25, No. 19). The XML version enables importing and editing of documents with or without corresponding document types. The Stilo parser then can derive a document type from the document instance by reading the markup and inferring the structure, much like OCLC’s Fred.

Working with or without a DTD, users can create tag sets as they work, and then create valid document types to match. Any time writers add a new type of markup, they can use what Stilo calls “adaptive parsing” to create a matching DTD.

Also new since SGML Europe is the ability to remap the keyboard for new entity sets. This enables the operator to input directly from the keyboard, regardless of the character set.