SoftQuad changes tune, stays in step

January 10, 1998

Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol 2, No 5
January, 1998

SoftQuad has added XML support within HotMetal. Users can add a tag with rules off, then turn rules on and the document will parse with the new tag. Contrary to the vision articulated to us in Barcelona earlier this year, SoftQuad now says it is moving toward a single tool that will cover both high-end and low-end editorial requirements, consolidating the audience for HotMetal and Author/Editor around a future offering that will produce the full spectrum—HTML, XML and SGML.

According to John Brown, VP of sales, the company was "going sideways" with SGML until about six months ago when it downsized and refocused its energies on SGML. Progress since then has been on the browser side, not the editorial side.