Enigma targets XSL

January 10, 1998

Seybold Report on Internet Publishing
Vol 2, No 5
January, 1998

Enigma is also aiming to be among the first to offer a stand-alone XSL style sheet editor. It is derived from the style sheet editor already embedded in Enigma’s Insight electronic publishing package. The editor uses a two-window layout: DTD structure on the left, style choices on the right.

The user selects an element from the DTD, then applies style parameters to it. Selections include whether the text should be right aligned, left aligned, centered or justified; what font, point size and color should be used; what borders and shading are to be applied; and whether material is to be automatically added before or after the element (e.g., bullets or auto-numbering). Boilerplate text can also be added. Elements can be suppressed so they don’t appear at all.

There is not yet a way to reorder elements, so that their sequence in the "published" form is different from that in the source document. But this feature, which is part of the XSL specification, will be added. Enigma expects to make the style sheet editor available in January, at a price $199.