Moving On, But Not So Far

June 30, 2004

Edd Dumbill

This week is my last as editor of Since September 1999 I have had the great honor and pleasure of steering the site through some of the most exciting times in XML's development.

Started originally in 1998 by Dale Dougherty and Tim Bray, has remained what in my estimation is a unique and valuable online magazine. Not only a place for authoritative tutorials and information, we've stayed a central part of the community. A place where new ideas and techniques are discussed, windmills tilted at, and from time to time, a good laugh had at our own expense.

From a personal point of view, my time at the helm of has been endlessly enriching. The XML community itself is a unique mix of the erudite, the obscure, the eccentric and the inspired. XML as a technology covers such a broad and fascinating range of applications, and perhaps more than most technologies has deserved the soubriquet "world-changing". From time to time I've leaned more towards one solution than another, but I hope that on we've provided fair coverage to all.

I will be succeeded as editor by Kendall Clark, whom I am sure will be a great asset to The site will benefit from his new ideas and his immense passion for open standards and the web. I'd like to thank Kendall for his longstanding contribution to and work as Columns Editor.

Happily, I will not be stepping away from XML, instead taking up the authorship of our long-running XML-Deviant column, a commentary on the goings-on in the XML community, and remaining an editorial advisor to I will also continue to chair the XML Europe conference.

However, I won't just be remaining in the confines of the XML world. My new role with's publishers, O'Reilly, will be Editor-at-Large for O'Reilly Network. There I'll be tackling some other subjects of long-standing interest to me, such as Linux and wireless technologies.

It just remains for me to thank all those who have made editing such a pleasure. First, my enthusiastic and dedicated authors, many of whom have happily become good friends. Second, the team at O'Reilly Network, whose expertise and commitment have made my job easy. And finally, my thanks to you, the reader, for your ongoing support and interaction.

Edd Dumbill