XML Europe 2000 Reports

June 21, 2000

Edd Dumbill

Held from 12th-16th June in Paris, France, XML Europe 2000 demonstrated the continuing increase in innovation and application of XML. reported daily from the show all week, and Managing Editor Edd Dumbill delivered one of the closing keynote speeches.

Conference Reports

The State of XML
by Edd Dumbill
In his closing keynote speech at XML Europe 2000, Edd Dumbill surveyed the state of XML, covering its past, its present, and its future in distributing data and applications around the Internet.

Topic Maps
by Liora Alschuler
Topic maps have made a big splash at XML Europe this year, with fourteen presentations and two tutorials. Find out what they are, who's behind them, and why they matter.

Standards and the Vendor
by Leigh Dodds
This week, XML-Deviant comes from the XML Europe vendor panel discussion. Representatives from IBM, Sun, and Microsoft fielded questions on their support for XML standards.

Designing Schemas for Business to Business E-Commerce
by Leigh Dodds
In a fast-paced session at XML Europe, Arofan Gregory, Lead Scientist and Manager of the XML Common Business Library, provided an overview of the role of XML Schemas in e-commerce and gave some guidelines for good design.

Getting Personal with CPExchange
by Edd Dumbill
On Wednesday afternoon at XML Europe 2000, Brad Husick of Vignette introduced the work being done by the CPExchange group on XML descriptions for customer profiles.

Reconstructing DTD Best Practice
by Leigh Dodds
In a presentation at XML Europe 2000, Henry Thompson examined current "best practice" in DTD design and provided a reinterpretation using XML Schemas.

Quilt Has Querying Covered
by Edd Dumbill
Jonathan Robie of Software AG kicked off the XML Europe session on XML Query languages Tuesday afternoon with a description of the Quilt language.

New XSLT Technologies Debut
by Leigh Dodds
As XSLT adoption grows, developers from Sun and Oracle have been pushing the boundaries of the technology with "translets" and an XSLT virtual machine.