Specific Programming Languages

December 1, 1999

Edd Dumbill

Mailing lists exist for the discussion of XML using popular programming languages. Topics normally range from beginner-level questions through to the implementation of language-specific XML toolkits.


The Perl XML mailing list can be quite lively, with discussions between the authors of the Perl XML modules, as well as contributions from Larry Wall himself, and some other well known names in XML. As with most of the language-specific XML mailing lists, the spectrum of discussions ranges from beginner-level to in-depth implementation issues.

Traffic level: Medium (10-15 posts per day)
Archives: Hosted on ActiveState's web site
How to subscribe: Send mail to with "SUBSCRIBE Perl-XML" in the body.

Python XML-SIG

This mailing list has been set up to help the efforts of the Python XML special interest group, whose aim is to develop XML tools for Python. Questions about, and suggestions for, Python XML support should be posted to this list.

Traffic level: Low (10-20 posts per week)
How to subscribe: Visit the XML-SIG signup page on


The java-xml-interest mailing list is a low-volume list for discussion of Java development in XML. While traffic volumes are low, it's a good place to ask specific questions regarding Java XML parsers and integrating XML with Java applications.

Traffic level: Very low (<5 posts per week)
How to subscribe: Send mail to with "subscribe java-xml-interest" in the body.


Although Tcl may not be the language everyone thinks of first in connection with XML, the TclXML mailing list provides a home for Tcl developers working in XML. Steve Ball, the developer of the main Tcl/XML packages, is a frequent poster to this list.

Traffic level: Low (5-10 posts per week, variable)
How to subscribe: Send an empty mail to