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Agile Web A column by Uche Ogbuji.
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jQuery and XML By Uche Ogbuji
Uche Ogbuji returns with a new Agile Web column to explain how to use jQuery to process XML in JavaScript web applications. [Oct. 15, 2007]

Introducing OpenSearch By Uche Ogbuji
Uche Ogbuji's Agile Web column returns with an introduction to OpenSearch, an Atom-friendly format for describing and discovering search engines and query endpoints on the Web in a RESTful way. [Jul. 24, 2007]

Microformats in Context By Uche Ogbuji
Uche Ogbuji takes a careful look at microformats and concludes that while, in practice, they suffer from serious non-trivial problems, the basic idea offers an interesting basis upon which to build interesting data formats, particularly in conjunction with complementary technologies. [Apr. 26, 2006]

Scripting Flickr with Python and REST By Uche Ogbuji
In his latest Agile Web column, Uche Ogbuji shows us how to use Python to interact with Flickr as a lightweight web service. [Jan. 25, 2006]

Handling Atom Text and Content Constructs By Uche Ogbuji
Uche Ogbuji's Agile Web column returns with a look at handling some of the trickier issues in the Atom Syndication Format, which has recently become RFC 4287, an internet standard.  [Dec. 7, 2005]

Google Sitemaps By Uche Ogbuji
Uche Ogbuji's new XML.com column, "Agile Web," explores the intersection of agile programming languages and Web 2.0. In this first installment he examines Google's Sitemaps schema, as well as Python and XSLT code to generate site maps. [Oct. 26, 2005]