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Flash to the Rescue By Jason Levitt
Using Flash, Jason Levitt shows another variation of a workaround to the limitations of XMLHttpRequest object, the foundation of Ajax. [Jun. 28, 2006]

Prototype: Easing AJAX's Pain By Bruce Perry
Bruce Perry introduces us to Prototype, a JavaScript library that makes AJAX development faster and easier. [Apr. 5, 2006]

Seattle Movie Finder: An AJAX- and REST-Powered Virtual Earth Mashup By Dare Obasanjo
Dare Obasanjo shows us how to use Microsoft's Virtual Earth service in an AJAX-powered mashup that locates movies and theaters in Seattle. [Mar. 1, 2006]

All Aboard AJAX, HTML Canvas, and the Supertrain By Dave Hoover
Dave Hoover shows us how to use AJAX, Ruby, and the new HTML canvas element to add simple animation and interactivity to web apps. [Jan. 18, 2006]

JSON and the Dynamic Script Tag: Easy, XML-less Web Services for JavaScript By Jason Levitt
Jason Levitt returns with a piece explaining how to use AJAX and JSON to interact with web services from JavaScript in a seamless, cross-domain, cross-browser fashion. [Dec. 21, 2005]

Tuning AJAX By Dave Johnson
AJAX is all the rage and it's being used for non-trivial applications. But do you know what's fast and what's slow in AJAX? Get ready to tune your AJAX apps. [Nov. 30, 2005]

Fixing AJAX: XMLHttpRequest Considered Harmful By Jason Levitt
Jason Levitt shows us how to work around XmlHttpRequest restrictions in order to get more joy from third-party web services. [Nov. 9, 2005]

Is AJAX Here to Stay? By Jordan Frank
Jordan Frank takes a high-level look at the way AJAX is changing the Web and whether it's a technology that's going to stick around. [Oct. 5, 2005]

Life After Ajax? By Micah Dubinko
Micah Dubinko says that the way Ajax technologies are presently deployed will eventually run into complexity barriers. It's time, he claims, for more declarative, markup-based alternative strategies. [Jun. 29, 2005]

Errors and AJAX By Joshua Gitlin
AJAX is hot, but is it real? How mature are the techniques, and can you use them right now? Joshua Gitlin offers a method for trapping client-side JavaScript errors and logging them, server-side, with AJAX. [May. 11, 2005]

Very Dynamic Web Interfaces By Drew McLellan
Drew McLellan explains how to use XMLHTTPRequest and Javascript to create web applications with very dynamic, smooth interfaces. [Feb. 9, 2005]

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