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How to receive and parse XML requests at my server using Classic ASP To any XML pros out there,,, I am new to XML and need some guidance for anyone who can help! My problem is that I am unsure how to RECEIVE the xml request. I have the request and response built in basic form displayed below. The problem is HOW TO RECEIVE & PARSE. It may be as simple as a dozen lines of code, but I have not seen anywhere I've searched. <code> <% ' My Samp...… read more websagogoer

Print XML Table with XSL I apologize in advance if this is too simple, but I am not a programmer. I am trying to display an XML file with XSL, the XML file is a list of groups and their subsequent users (the info displayed below is not everything, as there are 20+ addtl groups). The problem is that various groups have varying number of users. I can write a simple xsl statement to display the first user per group, but I ...… read more Philip F

Creating a first xml workflow for poetry books Can anyone offer me advice? I'm a poetry editor who is in way over my head in code. I have purchased Oxygen xml editor and have read just about everything I can find on DTD creation and XML document creation, but much of it is just plain greek to me. Can anyone tell me a.) Is there a way I can get some affordable help creating a DTD or other template, because I'm starting to think I just...… read more Tonaya

Shrinking and stretching the boundaries of markup It’s easy to forget that XML started out as a simplification process, trimming SGML into a more manageable and more parseable specification. Once XML reached a broad audience, of course, new specifications piled on top of it to create an …… read more Simon St. Laurent

Applying markup to complexity When XML exploded onto the scene, it ignited visions of magical communications, simplified document storage, and a whole new wave of application capabilities. Reality has proved calmer, with competition from JSON and other formats tackling a wide variety of problems, …… read more Simon St. Laurent

How to add XML comments to a Win Forms class? I am trying to document my code using XML comments. I have a Windows Forms class where I am attempting the following /// <summary> /// A special window class /// </summary> public partial class SomeSpecialWindow : Window {...} My comments are not showing in the Inetlisense for my class. This is because in the case of partial classes, only the comments given for one of the partial d...… read more jtrohde

Upgrade to XML CD Bookshelf Version 1.0 Is there an upgrade available for The XML CD Bookshelf Version 1.0. It does not run correctly on Firefox 10.0 running on 64 bit Windows 7 Home premium. Please advise. Loren F. File lffile@yahoo.com… read more lfred

XML's Dialect Problem - Diversity is not the problem; it is the requirement XML standards and technologies do not provide an adequate layer for coping with dialects.… read more Rick Jelliffe

How to run xml code in Java application? Hello, I am a new user of eclipse and sesame. I am trying to build an dynamic web application using eclipse. I am a RDF repository in sesame server. I am trying to link my RDF dataset to another RDF dataset (open linked dataset from the web). I am trying to use the same code ( http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/silk/Link_Specification_Language) for interlinking just changing the dataset values ...… read more Farhana

The agile upside of XML Frankfurt TOC presenters Anna von Veh, a consultant at Say Books, and Mike McNamara, managing director at Araman Consulting Ltd & Outsell-Gilbane UK Affiliate, discuss xml workflows, the (sorry) state of ebook design, and how books and the web will evolve.… read more Jenn Webb

XML Schema development approaches - Can we free our documents from the straightjacket of structure? The way that people approach developing schemas has evolved over the years: each new approach grows out of problems with the status quo (see Hegelian dialectic) but enriches rather than supplants. I thought I would take a little walk through...… read more Rick Jelliffe

ETL and Publishing I have for a few years been trying to come up with a good definition of publishing workflows: as an architectural pattern. The two key distinctive features, I think, are that publishing workflows are one-way flows rather than two-way flows...… read more Rick Jelliffe

DocBook Video Tutorial 2 - DocBook to PDF with Xcode and XMLLINT In this tutorial you will learn: Downloading DocBook DocumentationWriting DocBook in XcodeValidating DocBook XMLsGenerating PDF from DocBook XMLs To download MacPorts, go to: http://macports.org/ To install XMLLINT categories, use this Terminal command: sudo port install docbook-xml xmlcatmgr To validate a DocBook XML, place these commands (as demonstrated in the video) into an executable file...… read more VandadNP

Can you copyright a XML schema? Copyright question... I want to adopt the XML schema that a 3rd party company uses in one of their APIs for a web app I'm building. It'll all be my actual data that's in my app's XML, I'm just using this other company's schema to organize it. Right now neither XML feeds nor the DTD of this other company have any sort of copyright notice in them. My questions are 1) is it ...… read more cspurgeon

Australian Whole-of-Government Common Operating Environment Policy and OOXML - AGIMO boots OpenOffice but Libre Office reboots OpenOffice? Two big stories this week: AGIMO's COE and LibreOffice. AGIMO is the Australian Government Information Management Office. They are the ones who set policies such as requiring govt web page meet the W3C's WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility, or that...… read more Rick Jelliffe