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Integrating XML and databases: storing, searching, importing and exporting.

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Under the Hood: Oracle Berkeley DB XML By Deepak Vohra
XML Databases, coupled with the power of XQuery, offer a potentially paradigm-changing way of dealing with data. The Oracle Berkeley DB XML database provides a rich XQuery-based engine that can be manipulated via XQuery, opening up possibilities for any web developer.  [May. 7, 2008]

Putting REST on Rails By Dan Kubb
Rails is as hot as any web technology, and REST is heating up again. Dan Kubb demonstrates his Rails plugin for building RESTful web apps and services. [Apr. 19, 2006]

Going Native, Part 2 By Ronald Bourret
Ronald Bourret, acknowledged XML database expert, continues a three-part series that makes the case for native XML databases--this time focusing on data integration and semistructured data management. [Apr. 13, 2005]

Going Native: Making the Case for XML Databases By Ronald Bourret
Ronald Bourret, acknowledged XML database expert, begins a three-part series which makes the case for native XML databases. [Mar. 30, 2005]

Microcontent Management with Syncato By Kimbro Staken
Syncato is an XML database backed content management system. Use it to store and manage media such as music playlists or photos as well as your weblog content. [Mar. 17, 2004]

Getting Reacquainted with dbXML 2.0 By Tom Bradford
The second version of dbXML is much improved over its predecessor, offering transactions, security features, new APIs and query mechanisms. Tom Bradford gives us an update. [Feb. 25, 2004]

Lightweight XML Search Servers, Part 2 By Jon Udell
Jon Udell enhances his lightweight XML search server by adding database backed storage, using the Berkeley DB XML database, and retrieving and indexing all of the weblogs he reads. [Feb. 18, 2004]

Using Embedded XML Databases to Process Large Documents By Mark Wilcox
What do you do when you want the convenience of DOM programming, but your document size is more suited to using SAX? This handy tip shows that an embedded XML database can be just the ticket for processing such documents. [Oct. 22, 2003]

The Document is the Database By Jon Udell
When we convert to a database-backed Web application in order to solve problems of shared editing and presentation-oriented file formats, we trade away the convenience of the file-oriented approach. Can we have our cake and eat it too? [Jul. 9, 2003]

Berkeley DB XML: An Embedded XML Database By Paul Ford
Paul Ford introduces Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML database, an XML-aware version of the popular Berkeley DB libraries, embedded in many software products. [May. 7, 2003]

XML and Database Mapping in .NET By Niel Bornstein
Continuing his look at .NET's XML processing from a Java point of view, Niel Bornstein discovers .NET's facilities for binding XML to databases. [Oct. 23, 2002]

An Introduction to the XML:DB API By Kimbro Staken
The growing number of native XML databases all have different programming interfaces. The XML:DB API is an open source project to provide a unified API for native XML databases. [Jan. 9, 2002]

Introduction to dbXML By Kimbro Staken
Following on from his introduction to native XML databases, Kimbro Staken introduces the dbXML open source native XML database.  [Nov. 28, 2001]

Introduction to Native XML Databases By Kimbro Staken
Native XML databases are an important part of the emerging XML software infrastructure. This article explains their features, strengths and weaknesses. [Oct. 31, 2001]

Against the Grain By Leigh Dodds
XML developers are talking about a perennial question: how can XML and database technologies be integrated appropriately? [Jul. 5, 2001]

Storing XML in Relational Databases By Igor Dayen
A survey of the techniques used by the major vendors to store XML in their databases, and a proposition for a database-independent XML framework. [Jun. 20, 2001]

Big Documents, Little Attributes By John E. Simpson
This month our Q&A column tackles storing large numbers of records in XML, and explains the use of attribute definitions in DTDs. [Jun. 6, 2001]

Mapping DTDs to Databases By Ronald Bourret
This in-depth article describes best practice for mapping XML documents to databases. [May. 9, 2001]

Using XML and Relational Databases with Perl By Kip Hampton
This article explores how Perl can be used to transfer data between XML and relational databases, and how XML can bridge two disparate databases. [Dec. 13, 2000]

RAX: An XML Database API By Sean McGrath
Neither SAX nor DOM are well-suited to processing database-generated XML. RAX is a record-oriented API to XML data that reduces the overhead and complexity of handling XML generated from databases. [Apr. 26, 2000]

Building a Better Metasearch Engine By Ralf Westphal
This two-part tutorial demonstrates how XML can be used to improve how search engines work. It shows how to automate retrieval of search results and when those results are available in XML, instead of HTML, how much more easily they can be organized and displayed for users. This demo requires IE 5 because the XML processing is done on the client side. [Jun. 8, 1999]

The Quest for an XML Query Standard By Lisa Rein
A W3C workshop on query languages for XML produced a number of interesting proposals for extracting information more efficiently from XML documents. [Mar. 2, 1999]

What Went On at QL'98 By Lisa Rein
This document provides an overview of the QL'98 workshop organized by the W3C. [Mar. 2, 1999]

Oracle plans XML support in 8i By Mark Walter
Oracle 8i's built-in XML support is the most extensive of any leading relational database to date, and XML.com has the details in this exclusive look at the new release. [Nov. 9, 1998]

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