Implementation experience and instruction on XML Query, the W3C standard for querying XML documents and data.

XQuery Implementation

By Ivelin Ivanov
Though not yet a W3C Recommendation, XQuery has been around for a long time now. This article looks at the trends in its deployment, and predicts the big opportunity for XQuery in web services integration. [Oct. 1, 2003]

Interactive Web Applications with XQuery

By Ivelin Ivanov
The W3C's XQuery language can be used to create HTML front ends to web services. Ivelin Ivanov demonstrates by wrapping Amazon's ListMania interface. [May. 14, 2003]

Processing RSS

By Ivelin Ivanov
In the first article of our new XQuery column, Ivelin Ivanov shows how XQuery makes light work of rendering multiple RSS files into a single HTML page. [Apr. 9, 2003]