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Edd Dumbill

Edd is Editor at Large for O'Reilly Network, and co-author of Mono: A Developer's Notebook. He also writes free software for GNOME, and packages Bluetooth-related software for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Edd has a weblog called Behind the Times.

Edd was editor of XML.com between October 1999 and June 2004, and still chairs the annual XML Europe conference.

Website: http://www.usefulinc.com/edd/blog

Articles by this author:

XQuery's Niche
XQuery has been much hyped, but is it sufficiently different from XSLT to be successful? Edd Dumbill follows a debate looking for XQuery's niche.  [Dec. 29, 2004]

The Cost of XML
The apparent overhead of using XML is once more in the spotlight, as is the financial overhead of using eBay's web services. Edd Dumbill reports. [Dec. 15, 2004]

On Folly
XML-oriented programming languages? Crazy! The Semantic Web? Nuts! Or perhaps not. Edd Dumbill on how the crackpots were right all long. [Dec. 8, 2004]

Faster, Faster!
Edd Dumbill reports on debate about making XML faster and leaner and offers the opportunity to send nominations for this year's XML Anti-Awards. [Dec. 1, 2004]

XML, the Web, and Beyond
XML community coverage; browser technology and open content join traditional XML topics in the new-look XTech 2005 conference; plus debate on when multiple schemas are the best way forward. [Nov. 10, 2004]

How Do I Hate Thee?
Find out everyone's top five dislikes about XML, and get to the bottom of exactly why namespaces tops the list. [Nov. 3, 2004]

Linkin' Park
One of the original trinity of XML specs, XML linking has largely failed. Can, and should, we fix it? [Oct. 27, 2004]

Notes and XQueries
Why is XQuery taking seven years to develop? And what's an XML spec worth these days, anyway? Lively debate from the world of XML. [Oct. 20, 2004]

Not Evil, Just Smelly
Hypertext guru Ted Nelson reckons XML is evil. XML folk reckon Nelson is mad. But is there truth in what he says? [Oct. 6, 2004]

Lady and the Tramp
If XML's the Lady, then RSS is the Tramp. But while RSS is energetically being refined and embraced, the Lady's ossifying rapidly. [Sep. 29, 2004]

RDF Roundup
Edd Dumbill's report on XML community discussions covers how to write XML documents as RDF models and more incredulity at the WS-* web services specifications. [Sep. 22, 2004]

Fallacy and Lunacy
In his regular look at the world of XML, Edd Dumbill uncovers the fallacies of XML Schema usage, and scoffs at the lunacy of SOAP. [Sep. 1, 2004]

Constraining Validation
What's the difference between validation and business rules? XML developers discuss how and why to use them. [Aug. 25, 2004]

All Roads Lead to RDF
A recent article by Mark Nottingham suggests that RDF may well be the answer to the difficulties inherent in specifying web services with W3C XML Schema. Edd Dumbill reports. [Aug. 11, 2004]

Misconceive Early, Misconceive Often
Our XML community column examines the fallout from Mark Pilgrim's claim that XML on the Web has failed; plus the emerging use of an alternative to URIs in RDF. [Aug. 4, 2004]

Caveat Incumbent
Is XHTML an evil intrusion into the Web by religious lunatics from the cult of XML? And does XML-ification really help anyway? [Jul. 28, 2004]

Browser Boom
Edd Dumbill reports on the boom in web-browser innovation as well as Mozilla and Opera's mysterious desertion of the W3C as a forum. [Jul. 14, 2004]

Eternal Refactoring
A summary of the latest happenings in the XML and RDF developer communities: refactoring specifications, Amazon wishlists in RDF, and XML as art. [Jul. 7, 2004]

Moving On, But Not So Far
In his last week as editor of XML.com, Edd Dumbill says goodbye after nearly five years of directing the web site. [Jun. 30, 2004]

The State of XML
In this closing keynote speech to XML Europe 2004, Edd Dumbill summarizes XML's recent changes and enduring strengths. [Apr. 21, 2004]

The XML.com Interview: Jeff Barr
Amazon.com's web services API has met with broad success. Jeff Barr, Amazon's web services evangelist, speaks to Edd Dumbill. [Mar. 31, 2004]

Intelligent Documents Headline XML 2003
A report from the opening plenary session of IDEAlliance's XML 2003 conference and exposition in Philadelphia, PA, USA. [Dec. 9, 2003]

Making Web Services Work at Amazon
Jeff Barr, Amazon's web services evangelist, presented Tuesday at XML 2003, explaining the decisions involved in making Amazon's puiblic web services strategy a success. [Dec. 9, 2003]

Writing for XML.com or WebServices.XML.com
Guidelines for authors wishing to contribute articles to XML.com or WebServices.XML.com. [Mar. 7, 2003]

Welcome to Web Services WebServices.XML.com is a new sister site to XML.com, which will cover topics related to web services and Internet-wide computing. Managing Editor Edd Dumbill provides an introduction to the new site, and guidelines for potential authors. [Mar. 4, 2003]

XML at Five
To celebrate five years of XML, Edd Dumbill interviews a selection of XML old-timers and experts about their experiences of XML and hopes for the future. [Feb. 12, 2003]

Whither Web Services? With the technology press taking a more measured view of web services, does this mean the party's over? Edd Dumbill argues that the future of web services and XML are closely linked, and that the fun's only just beginning [Oct. 23, 2002]

TAG's Iron Fist
The W3C's Technical Architecture Group's condemnation of HLink has met with an angry response. Edd Dumbill says that the TAG's approach isn't good for the web or for the W3C. [Oct. 2, 2002]

Kicking out the Cuckoo Web services are a distraction from the true business of developing the Web, argues Edd Dumbill, and the W3C should stop wasting resources on their development. [Apr. 24, 2002]

Welcome Web Services Activity Commentary on the W3C's launch of a Web Services Activity, along with the usual sideways look at the world of XML. [Jan. 30, 2002]

Bright Year In Prospect For XML
Edd Dumbill reviews some of the promising areas of XML for the coming year, including presentation technologies and a renaissance in independent contributions to XML. [Jan. 16, 2002]

<taglines/> Anti-Awards 2001
XML.com's answer to industry awards ceremonies, these anti-awards seek to burst a few of the XML industry's overinflated bubbles. [Jan. 2, 2002]

Clark Challenges the XML Community
XML philanthropist James Clark delivered the opening keynote at XML 2001, describing five important challenges facing the XML community. [Dec. 19, 2001]

Plaudits and Pundits
The return of the <taglines/> comment column, handing out plaudits to Adobe, introducing XML Europe 2002, and soliciting nominations for the XML.com Anti-Awards 2001. [Dec. 5, 2001]

High Hopes for the Universal Business Language
The Universal Business Language (UBL) is a new effort to standardize XML business documents, being spearheaded by Jon Bosak. In this interview, Bosak describes UBL's aims and its relationship to ebXML. [Nov. 7, 2001]

The Selfish Tag
Even in the standards-led world of today, an attitude of pragmatic selfishness is the best policy for developers using XML in their applications. [Oct. 24, 2001]

XML You Can Touch
What's really hot these days in XML isn't the latest spec, but it's the software that's using XML. Edd Dumbill takes a look at how XML has been adopted in the GNOME desktop platform. [Oct. 10, 2001]

XML Divided
As XML application grows, it is inevitable that it will divide into different communities, but a strong commitment to interoperability must remain key. [Sep. 26, 2001]

Picture Perfect
The W3C's publication of the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Recommendation heralds a new age for graphics in the emerging multi-device Web. [Sep. 12, 2001]

A New Old Angle on XML
XML's syntax may be its strongest asset, but non-XML syntaxes can help make XML even more usable. [Aug. 29, 2001]

A New Kind of Namespace
Light finally dawns in XML-DEV on the reason behind the inclusion of locally-scoped element names in W3C XML Schema. [Aug. 22, 2001]

The White Heat of Marketing
Has marketing hype overwhelmed technical excellence in the development of XML, or does it really matter? [Aug. 15, 2001]

The Web's Grand Planners
Edd Dumbill examines the W3C's new architectural watchdog, the TAG, and whether it will have much influence over the development of XML. [Aug. 1, 2001]

Washed Clean, Washed Up In the first installment of his new XML.com column, Edd Dumbill takes a look at the latest incarnation of SOAP, and the ever-changing XML conference scene. [Jul. 18, 2001]

Programming Web Services with XML-RPC
This excerpt from O'Reilly & Associates' recently published Programming Web Services with XML-RPC discusses using PHP to integrate two web applications into a single interface. In the given example, the authors show how a technology news service based on RSS (RDF Site Summary) feeds was created. [Jul. 18, 2001]

XML on the Cheap
If you're new to XML, or simply want a to play around with it a little, there are plenty of resources on the Web you can use for free, many without even installing software on your computer. [Jun. 27, 2001]

Preview: O'Reilly XTech 2001 Conference on XML
O'Reilly's XTech 2001 will be held from July 23-27 in San Diego, California. The conference chair, Edd Dumbill, previews this essential meeting for XML developers. [Jun. 20, 2001]

The State of XML: Why Individuals Matter
A survey of the progress of XML over the last year, emphasizig that in an industry increasingly dominated by large vendors, individual contributors are still key. [May. 30, 2001]

Schema Scuffles and Namespace Pains
W3C XML Schema is complete. End of story? No way! Debates over Schema best practice have dominated XML-DEV over recent weeks. [May. 30, 2001]

Around and About at XML Europe 2001
Pictures and notes from the GCA's XML Europe 2001 conference. [May. 25, 2001]