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Mark Walter

Mark Walter is the Editorial Director of XML.com and the Editor of The Seybold Report on Internet Publishing. As an industry analyst, speaker, writer, editor, and consultant he has tracked SGML and XML publishing technologies for more than a decade.
Website: www.seyboldreport.com

Articles by this author:

Namespaces in XML Adopted by W3C
The "Namespaces in XML" specification has been formally adopted by the W3C as a recommendation. XML.com's Mark Walter explains why this was needed and what it will do to increase the adoption of XML. [Jan. 19, 1999]

Will anyone challenge Inso in electronic delivery?
Inso has dominated the market for high end SGML delivery. The emergence of XML viewers from Netscape and (soon we hope) Microsoft gives developers an alternative base platform for creating XML client software. [Dec. 17, 1998]

Big Blue Launches Big Push into XML
IBM launched a new XML Web site and released 10 free XML tools at the XML'98 conference in Chicago. [Nov. 17, 1998]

Adobe, IBM Brew a Java PGML Viewer
IBM and Adobe showed the first Java implementation of the Adobe imaging model, which underlies PostScript, PDF and the Acrobat viewer. [Nov. 17, 1998]

XQL: Proposal for a new XML Query Language
Debate over XML query languages could heat up as a Microsoft-led group proposes XQL as an alternative to XML-QL proposed by AT&T Labs. [Nov. 9, 1998]

Oracle plans XML support in 8i
Oracle 8i's built-in XML support is the most extensive of any leading relational database to date, and XML.com has the details in this exclusive look at the new release. [Nov. 9, 1998]

Arbortext Eyes the Enterprise
Arbortext has introduced Enterprise Product Information Chain (EPIC), a package of software and services for implementing XML-based publishing solutions at the enterprise level. [Nov. 9, 1998]

Junglee Tries to Tame the Data Jungle
Amazon.com's recent acquisition of Junglee has inspired us to dust off a detailed backgrounder by XML.com's managing editor Mark Walter describing the company's products. [Aug. 5, 1998]

The XML Scoop on Office 9
First look at the Office 9 and its support of HTML and XML [Jul. 5, 1998]

Netscape Puts XML Support in Mozilla
On March 30, Netscape Communications released on its Web site the source code for Mozilla, which, in days past, would have been known as Communicator 5.0. [Apr. 1, 1998]

Microsoft releases preview of XSL style processor
Microsoft has posted on its Web site a new area devoted to the Extensible Style Language (XSL) that includes a preview of technology for converting XML-tagged data and XSL style sheets to HTML Web pages. [Feb. 20, 1998]

Folio to adopt XML, open up Views format
Folio, a division of Open Market, jumped on the XML bandwagon with a significant announcement last month that foreshadows its plan to "open" Folio infobases to enable documents to be indexed and secured in their native formats rather than requiring prior conversion to Folio’s flat-file markup language. [Feb. 20, 1998]