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 Perl and XML

The Perl programming language has a wealth of support for XML. Kip Hampton's column is the essential companion for Perl developers working with XML.

OSCON 2002 Perl and XML Review
In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton reviews the state of the Perl-XML world as displayed at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention.
[Aug. 21, 2002]

XSH, An XML Editing Shell
In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton introduces XSH, an XML editing shell, which Kip suggests should become a part of your XML tool kit.
[Jul. 10, 2002]

PDF Presentations Using AxPoint
In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton describes AxPoint, a way to create presentations in PDF using Perl and XML.
[Jun. 19, 2002]

Multi-Interface Web Services Made Easy
This month's Perl and XML column offers a range of methods for easily building web applications with SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC interfaces.
[May. 8, 2002]

Perl and XML on the Command Line
In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton explores how the desperate Perl hacker can use its XML tools on the command line.
[Apr. 17, 2002]

Introducing XML::SAX::Machines, Part Two
This month, Kip Hampton's introduction to Perl's XML::SAX::Machines tool continues, adding flexibility to Apache-based apps and demonstrating the construction of a SAX controller.
[Mar. 20, 2002]

Introducing XML::SAX::Machines, Part One
XML::SAX::Machines offers an elegant way of building and managing complex chains of SAX event handlers and generators. Kip Hampton introduces this helpful module.
[Feb. 13, 2002]

Web Content Validation with XML::Schematron
Kip Hampton explains how to use his XML::Schematron module to validate XML Web content with Perl.
[Jan. 23, 2002]

XML and Modern CGI Applications
Kip Hampton explores a modern CGI module, CGI::XMLApplication, which uses XML and XSLT to separate logic and presentation cleanly.
[Dec. 12, 2001]

XML::LibXML - An XML::Parser Alternative
Kip Hampton discusses XML::LibXML, a capable, updated alternative to Perl's venerable and venerated XML::Parser.
[Nov. 14, 2001]

Transforming XML With SAX Filters
Kip Hampton concludes his series of advanced SAX topics by showing how to use SAX filters to transform XML.
[Oct. 10, 2001]

Writing SAX Drivers for Non-XML Data
Kip Hampton shows us how to write drivers to produce SAX events and, thus, XML documents from non-XML data sources.
[Sep. 19, 2001]

Creating VoiceXML Applications With Perl
Kip Hampton shows you how to use VoiceXML and Perl to connect the telephone to the Web.
[Aug. 9, 2001]

Creating Scalable Vector Graphics with Perl
Kip Hampton demonstrates how to use Perl, XML, and SVG to generate useful and attractive graphics dynamically.
[Jul. 11, 2001]

Perl XML Quickstart: Convenience Modules
The third and final part of our guide to Perl XML modules covers some handy modules geared to specific tasks.
[Jun. 13, 2001]

Perl XML Quickstart: The Standard XML Interfaces
In the second part of our guide to XML and Perl, we cover the Perl implementations of the standard XML APIs DOM, SAX, and XPath.
[May. 16, 2001]

Perl XML Quickstart: The Perl XML Interfaces
This first installment of our guide to Perl and XML covers Perl-specific interfaces for reading and writing XML.
[Apr. 18, 2001]

Using XML::Twig
XML::Twig provides a fast, memory-efficient way to handle large XML documents, which is useful when the needs of your application make using the SAX interface overly complex.
[Mar. 21, 2001]

High-Performance XML Parsing With SAX
Manipulating XML documents in Perl using DOM or XPath can hit a performance barrier with large documents -- the answer is to use SAX.
[Feb. 14, 2001]

Creating Web Utilities Using XML::XPath
Using XML on your web site means more than just valid XHTML: our monthly Perl and XML column explores some possibilities for the automation of an all-XML web site.
[Jan. 10, 2001]

Using XML and Relational Databases with Perl
This article explores how Perl can be used to transfer data between XML and relational databases, and how XML can bridge two disparate databases.
[Dec. 13, 2000]

Simple XML Validation with Perl
A combination of Perl and XPath can provide a quick, lightweight solution for validating documents. Find out how in the first installment of our new monthly Perl and XML column.
[Nov. 8, 2000]