J. David Eisenberg

J. David Eisenberg lives in San Jose, California. He teaches HTML, CGI, and JavaScript, and enjoys writing educational software and on-line tutorials. David is also the author of SVG Essentials.

Articles by this author

Comparing XSLT and XQuery

J. David Eisenberg asks, and answers, a vital question: if I already know XSLT, should I also learn XQuery? Get up to speed on the W3C's XML native programming language.

Server Side SVG

SVG tools aren't just for the client side: find out how the Apache Batik toolkit can enable your web server to SVG on the fly, providing fallback to JPEG or PNG images for browsers without SVG support.

XML Technologies: A Success Story

XML's not just about big business. Read how XML technologies XSL-FO and SVG helped improve this year's California Central Coast Section High School wrestling tournament.

TREX Basics

TREX is an alternative schema language created by James Clark, designed to be simpler and more lightweight than W3C's XML Schema.

Using XSL Formatting Objects

The W3C's XSL Formatting Objects technology provides an XML language for specifying the layout of documents. In the first article of our XSL FO tutorial series we show you how to set up your pages.

RELAX Quick Reference

A quick reference to RELAX schema definition language, covering all its major features.

Learning to RELAX

The RELAX schema language is a simpler alternative to W3C XML Schemas. This easy-to-read tutorial shows you just how easy it can be to RELAX.