Kip Hampton

Kip Hampton is a freelance Web developer living in the Boston area.

Articles by this author

OSCON 2002 Perl and XML Review

In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton reviews the state of the Perl-XML world as displayed at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention.

XSH, An XML Editing Shell

In this month's Perl and XML column, Kip Hampton introduces XSH, an XML editing shell, which Kip suggests should become a part of your XML tool kit.

Introducing XML::SAX::Machines, Part Two

This month, Kip Hampton's introduction to Perl's XML::SAX::Machines tool continues, adding flexibility to Apache-based apps and demonstrating the construction of a SAX controller.

XML and Modern CGI Applications

Kip Hampton explores a modern CGI module, CGI::XMLApplication, which uses XML and XSLT to separate logic and presentation cleanly.

Using XML::Twig

XML::Twig provides a fast, memory-efficient way to handle large XML documents, which is useful when the needs of your application make using the SAX interface overly complex.

Creating Web Utilities Using XML::XPath

Using XML on your web site means more than just valid XHTML: our monthly Perl and XML column explores some possibilities for the automation of an all-XML web site.

Simple XML Validation with Perl

A combination of Perl and XPath can provide a quick, lightweight solution for validating documents. Find out how in the first installment of our new monthly Perl and XML column.