David Brownell

David Brownell is a software engineer. He recently worked for three years at JavaSoft, where he provided Sun's XML and DOM software, SSL and public key technologies, the original version of the JavaServer Pages technology, and worked on the Java Servlet API for Web servers.

He's been involved with SAX since shortly after the XML 1.0 specification went final, and he is currently involved in maintaining the SAX APIs and the GNUJAXP implementation. When he worked at Sun, he started the Java XML engineering effort, including SAX support, as a natural follow-on to the servlet-based Web software infrastructure.

In addition to writing code, he's also traveled widely to speak on such topics to user and customer groups, and his O'Reilly book, SAX2, will release in January 2002.

He is currently an independent Web and Internet consultant.

Articles by this author

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