Jon Bosak

Jon Bosak is Sun's XML architect. He organized and led the working group that created XML and served for two years as chair of the W3C XML Coordination Group. He is a founding member of OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, and of its predecessor, SGML Open. At Sun he holds the position of Distinguished Engineer.

Prior to his work with XML, Jon originated the Web strategy used by Sun for the distribution of Solaris documentation. Before joining Sun, he was responsible for the SGML-based delivery system that put Novell's NetWare documentation online and was a primary force behind the development of the DocBook standard for Unix and Linux documentation. He was also involved in the final stages of the development of DSSSL (ISO/IEC 11079), a precursor of XSL, and headed the effort to define an online subset of DSSSL called dsssl-o.

A frequent speaker at XML events, Jon co-chairs the annual XTech Conference, chairs the annual XML Developers' Conference, and serves on the committee responsible for organizing the annual International World Wide Web Conferences.

Articles by this author

The OASIS Process for Structured Information Standards

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards is a nonprofit corporation whose aim is to promote and maintain interoperability in XML applications. Jon Bosak outlines the process by which OASIS operates.