Chris Lovett

Chris Lovett is a Program Manager on the XML team at Microsoft Corporation where he has been involved in the development of XML technologies since early 1997. He worked on the first Microsoft XML Parser in Java reference release and the MSXML COM component, which is used in IE5, Windows 2000, SQL 2000 and Exchange 2000 and is now working on the XML components of the .NET Frameworks. Chris is the author of the Extreme XML column on the MSDN XML Developer Center. Chris has more than 10 years experience in networking and operating systems development working at companies like IBM and Taligent as well as various Silicon Valley startups. Chris received a Bachelor of Science and Mathematics from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Articles by this author

MSXML Conformance Update

In the past, has tested Microsoft's MSXML parser for XML conformance with less than glorious results. In this article, Chris Lovett presents the significant improvements made by Microsoft in MSXML in recent months.

Building XML Parsers for Microsoft's IE4

This article describes why Microsoft implemented its first XML application and how it led to the development of two XML parsers shipping in Internet Explorer 4.0, one written in C++ and the other in Java.