Jean Paoli

Jean Paoli is a Product Manager in the Internet Explorer 4.0 team where he manages the XML and databinding effort. Prior to joining Microsoft in May 1996, he was the technical director of GRIF S.A., a leader in the creation of SGML authoring tools. Jean has a strong background in SGML and designed for important corporations a lot of systems where SGML, in its approach of structuring and storing information, ensured the long life and easy exchangeability of the data. Jean is a co-editor of the XML standard and co-created with Jon Bosak (and others) the W3C XML working group in July 1996.

Articles by this author

Building XML Parsers for Microsoft's IE4

This article describes why Microsoft implemented its first XML application and how it led to the development of two XML parsers shipping in Internet Explorer 4.0, one written in C++ and the other in Java.

The Annotated XML Specification

If you want to understand XML, you have to read the specification. However, to really get inside the specification and understand why it says what it does, you need an expert guide. Tim Bray, co-editor of the XML 1.0 specification, shares his knowledge and insights about XML, SGML and the working group behind the specification in this annotated version of the document.