Rick Jelliffe

Standards activist Rick Jelliffe is C.T.O. of Topologi Pty. Ltd, a company making XML-related desktop tools, and spends most of his time working on editors, validators and publishing-related markup. His main standards project currently is editing an upcoming ISO standard for the Schematron schema language, which he originally developed.

As well as his work with ISO SC34 and the original XML group at W3C, Rick was a sporadic member of the W3C Schema Working Group and the W3C Internationalization Interest Group.

He is the author of The XML & SGML Cookbook; Recipes on Structured Information and lead the Chinese XML Now project at Academia Sinica Computing Centre.

Articles by this author


The introduction of the Euro currency in Europe has brought about changes in commonly used character sets. Rick Jelliffe discusses the impact on XML applications.

Mix and Match Markup: XHTML Modularization

The latest development from the W3C on HTML is the XHTML Modularization specification, allowing the tailoring of XHTML to suit different applications or devices. This article discusses the motivation and techniques behind modularization.

The W3C XML Schema Specification in Context

This article compares the W3C XML Schema Definition Language with XML document instances and DTDs, SGML DTDs, Perl regular expressions, and alternative schema technologies such as RELAX and Schematron.

W3C XML Schema Datatypes Reference

A brief primer on the essential aspects of the W3C XML Schema Datatypes, including a diagrammatic reference to the XML Schemas Datatypes specification.

The Beginning of the Endgame

The W3C's XML Schemas technology, vital to the use of XML in e-business, is finally nearing completion. This article catalogs the most significant changes from the recent draft specs,and highlights areas where priority feedback is required from implementors and users.

Goldilocks and SML

"Simplicity is as excellent as motherhood", says Rick Jelliffe. He isn't as sure, however, about the initiative to produce a Simplified Markup Language (SML).