Eric T. Peterson

Eric Peterson has been working in web analytics since 1998 in both a technical and a marketing capacity. Currently, he is an analyst at JupiterResearch, a well-respected analyst firm focusing exclusively on the internet, covering analytics, search, content management systems, and related application technology. In his tenure at JupiterResearch, he has been quoted in a number of well-respected publications, including InternetRetailer, InfoWorld, The Deal, Ecommerce Guide, Datamation, MediaDaily News, and Clickz. He regularly give webinars on a number of site operations subjects including web analytics, key performance indicators, search, usability and content management.

Eric is the author of Web Site Measurement Hacks: Tips & Tools to Help Optimize Your Online Business.

Articles by this author

What Is Web Analytics

More and more, companies are re-examining their investment in web analytics and working to determine how to get more out of the money they spend. To accomplish this successfully, your company needs good resources. Eric Petersen has put together a comprehensive guide to web analytics resources, from the books you should read to the tools you should use, and more. Eric is the author of Web Site Measurements Hacks.