Michael Daconta

Michael Daconta is the Metadata Program Manager for the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Daconta is a well-known author, lecturer and columnist having authored or co-authored 10 technical books, numerous magazine articles and online columns. He previously served as the Chief Architect of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Virtual Knowledge Base Project and also designed the electronic mortgage XML standard for Fannie Mae. He earned his Masters degree in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University and his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from New York University. His most recent book is entitled, "The Semantic Web: A guide to the future of XML, Web Services and Knowledge Management." His other books cover XML, XUL, Java, C++ and C. More information is available on his personal website at

Articles by this author

Formal Taxonomies for the U.S. Government

Mike Daconta, Metadata Program Manager at the Department of Homeland Security, introduces the notion of a formal taxonomy in the context of the Federal Enteriprise Architecture's Data Reference Model.