Eddie Robertsson

Eddie Robertsson finished his master degree in computer science at Lund institute of technology in Sweden in 1999. Shortly after he moved to Sydney, Australia for employment at Allette Systems where he worked as an XML developer and trainer specializing in XML Schema languages. During the last few years in Sydney, Eddie worked very closely with Rick Jelliffe and Topologi with the design and implementation of Topologi’s suite of XML tools. After a 6 month trip through Asia Eddie recently moved back to Sweden where he continues to work with software engineering and XML related technologies.

Articles by this author

Combining RELAX NG and Schematron

Eddie Robertsson explains how RELAX NG and Schematron can be mixed in a single schema to get the combined validation power of both languages.

An Introduction to Schematron

The Schematron schema language differs from most other XML schema languages in that it is a rule-based language that uses path-expressions instead of grammars. A Schematron schema makes assertions applied to a specific context within the document. This article introduces Schematron and its use.