Erik Wilde

Erik Wilde is currently working at the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK), which is part of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. His interests in general are Web technologies, with a special focus on XML and in particular content-related standards such as XLink/XPointer.

Articles by this author

XInclude Processing in XSLT

Continuing our mini-series on XSLT 2.0, Erik Wilde describes XIPr, an XInclude Processor implemented as a single XSLT 2.0 stylesheet, for using in document inclusion processing tasks.

Character Repertoire Validation for XML

This article presents a schema language for limiting the range of characters permitted in an XML document. It can be used to protect legacy applications or to enforce restrictions in document workflows.

A Compact Syntax for W3C XML Schema

One of the problems when working with W3C XML Schema is the fact that it uses an XML syntax, which makes schemas verbose and hard to read. This article describes a compact text-based syntax for W3C XML Schema, called XML Schema Compact Syntax (XSCS).