Jirka Kosek

Jirka Kosek is the freelance writer, consultant, trainer, university teacher, open source developer and PhD student. He has written several books about XML, HTML and PHP. Jirka is a member of DocBook developers team, which is developing and improving DSSSL and XSL stylesheets for formatting DocBook documents.

Articles by this author

XSLT Reflection

Reflection enables a programming language to inspect and modify its own code. XSLT, being expressed in XML, comes with this built in. This article shows how XSLT can be used to process XSLT to solve real problems.

DocBook for Eclipse: Reusing DocBook's Stylesheets

Using a standard documentation vocabulary such as DocBook makes it easy to integrate your documentation into the Eclipse development platform, as well as many other HTML-based help systems. This article shows how to reuse DocBook's XSLT stylesheets to achieve this.

Understanding the node-set() Function

In XSLT some surprisingly trivial requirements cannot be expressed in a straightforward way. This article describes how to overcome these problems by using the powerful node-set() extension function.